The Customer’s Voice Alpha Service

The Customer’s Voice Alpha Service

The Customer’s Voice is pleased to be able to announce the go live of its alpha service.  Through our service, currently by invitation only, our alpha users will be able to declare “what I am in the market for” and to make specific buying requests for a large number of different types of products and services.  Offers and responses will be sourced from relevant retailers, with over 50 major online retailers available through the initial service.  Although an alpha trial service, our alpha users will be able to buy products and services through the service which is fully functional on an end-to-end basis.  The Customer’s Voice has worked with, our initial partner, to bring you this innovative new service.

Andy Coleman, Chairman of The Customer’s Voice, said:

“I am delighted that we have been able to take this first small step along the road towards an “Intention Economy” in which an individual’s specific needs and intentions for products and services will be placed at the heart of the online buying process, starting the process of “turning inside out” the way the current supplier dominated marketplace works.

We have a route-map of possible developments for our service but will be looking in particular for feedback from our alpha users to help us decide our next steps”

Iain Henderson, Founder of The Customer’s Voice said:

“Our service changes the way that online suppliers and retailers will engage with you.  Currently this is on their terms not yours, usually with one-way communications in broadcast mode, targeting and bombarding you with sales messages.  With our service, participating partners and suppliers “listen” for your buying requests, and then respond to your requirements.  And if you don’t want to hear from them, then you won’t hear from them.

We are delighted to be playing our part in the emerging shift in power away from suppliers towards the individual”

Patrick Elliott, long-term investor in The Customer’s Voice said:

“What really excites me is the opportunity to turn the way e-commerce now works on its head.  For too long now, a consumer’s personal data has increasingly been seen by many large internet players as a resource to be freely harvested, often by providing services whose main goal is to collect information about users which can then be exploited for the commercial benefit of the provider and their partners.  We take a fundamentally different approach.  We think it is YOUR data, and you should decide how it is used and by whom, and be the principal beneficiary of any value created from it.  So we have developed an initial service built on these radical principles, which puts you firmly in control of your own data – about yourself, your needs, and what you are interested in buying.  For me, this is the breakthrough idea, one whose time has truly come, and which has the potential to spark another revolution in the relationship between consumers and those who wish to sell to them.

I am delighted to be backing a team with such a compelling vision”.


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The Intention Economy

We are pleased to recommend Doc Searls’ important new book, “The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge” .

“In this book, Doc Searls lays out a map for an economy driven by consumer intent, where vendors can – and must – respond to the actual intentions of customers, instead of simply vying for customer attention in hopes of selling them what they might want.   In the intention economy, individual power increases, demand drives supply, and information precedes money.   Only the vendors and organizations that are ready for the change will survive, and thrive.  “The Intention Economy” maps out the implications – both immediate and far-reaching – for business and the world”.

Read this book to understand where the Customer’s Voice fits in the bigger picture.

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Welcome Omie

Nice to see the Omie project emerge. A genuine customer-side device with a ‘trust framework’ around it provided by Customer Commons will see a whole swathe of new innovative apps – including ours.

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The Internet of Things

The Customer’s Voice is part of a consortia led by Swirrl IT in a Technology Strategy Board project that will investigate ‘The Internet of Things’.

For us, the project is very much about ‘my things’ as opposed to things in general, i.e. the convergence of personal data services and the Internet of Things.

The project kicks off on 1st March, reporting back at the end of June; watch this space for updates.

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