The Customer’s Voice

Our aim is to help you buy online more effectively by providing tools that help you gather, manage and set out your buying requirements, and then share them with the market in strict accordance with your preferences.

Our Service

Our Alpha Service

I-Buy is the personal shopping application that you have been waiting for.  It allows you to find the products you want safely and simply, without being targeted by advertising, by pop-ups, or by unwanted encouragements to register, and without the responses to your searches being skewed towards those paying most to Google. Our service doesn't obey Google's rules, or Amazon's rules, but works for you, to your rules and your preferences, and will always be on your side.

Whether you are considering buying a specific product or service now or just starting to research options and prices, fill in one of our buying requests or carry out a "Quick Find" of what's available on the market from our panel of over 25 well-known UK online retailers. You will get back a stream of product descriptions with clear information and helpful images that best match your requirements. These will come to you in a simple sequence, starting with items that have had a price drop today, followed by other items from lowest to highest in price. There will be no advertisements or unprompted details of other products to clutter up this simple clear information.

You can choose which of our retailers you wish to respond to your buying requests, and you can work on a number of buying requests in parallel. Working with the Snaptaps service from our partner Ensygnia, our initial retailers include UK household names, such as John Lewis, Debenhams, My M&S, Uniqlo, Curry's/PCWorld, and Carphone Warehouse, and also more specialist online brands such as Ebuyer.com, Very.co.uk, Lastminute.com, and Groupon.

You can also build up a small but powerful buying information bank of your favourite brands and suppliers, of products and services that you buy regularly, and of transactions whose details you wish to store as a record or for further analysis. You retain total control over your own data and none of it will ever be shared without your specific permission and then only to support a further buying request.

So, start shopping today the I-Buy way, and experience the difference for yourself – whether online or using your tablet or android smartphone. Join us and others of Respect Network in changing the rules and opt now for a safe, simple and clear shopping experience.